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Day 2: The Marina

the light rail transit at fernvale
4 fingers of the palm of fortune: suntec city
caught unawares
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today we decided to be good and take the public transport system. started off with the lrt (light rail transit) which connected us to the mrt (mass rapid transit), and we alighted at dhoby gaut whilst mom continued onto serangoon to go to the markets. i swear, this mom is stuffing us without such yummy home cooked meals and fruits and desserts... i have a feeling mom is spoiling alex and i get the fringe benefits. hmph.

so we met jamie at city hall, but we were hungry to we went to mos burger for lunch. what will the japanese think of next? burgers with chilli jalapeno sauce rocks. we then started our walk to suntec city via the underpass shopping mall, where we saw the famous shopping centre built to resemble a palm: 4 slender fingers in the form of 4 office towers connected by a web of shops, a thumb that forms the mail entrance and the palm is decorated with a fountain of fortune. it was crazy ass feng shui going on here. we then walked to through marina place to fullerton one. i was amazed at the development plan the government had for the marina. there will be obliteration of the rain forest and building up of resorts and condominiums and a giant 178 metre high ferris wheel which has a base that inserts into a mega mall. it was an amazing concept, i had to sit down after jamie told me how much singapore will change in the next 3 years.

we scuttled over the bridge to see the merlion, most exciting. jamie then told us some trivia about the hotels built in the marina area. let's start with the marina mandarin: built in a cone shape to keep the wealth in the hotel. the pan pacific was built with a revolving restaurant at the top, but this restaurant was built as if
it was an eagles nest at the edge of a cliff. the ritz carlton had full body length octagonal windows for all the bathrooms, so that when their guests showered they would be bathing themselves with good luck and fortune whilst looking at the singapore skyline. the oriental had to be built facing the water and had to have a fan for its logo. all of this effort was of course, done with the consult of a geomancer. now, conrad hotel was constructed the last of all the marina hotels, and the proprietor commissioned the building to have the outline of the number thirteen as the bricks met glass. you can see this outline in the picture below. it's madness, all the hotel owners were screaming, pulling out hairs and trying to sue him to no avail. he's cheeky mr conrad.

we then walked to boat quay where only alex got accosted by restaurant vendors (we suspect it's because he's touristy looking), proceeding to clarke quay where they've repainted all the peranakan house fronts and there were alien looking leafy mega umbrellas to shelter the shopping folk from the rain and sun. there were very phallic air vents as well. i couldn't think why it had to be that way. *shrug* anyhoooo we had to go back to orchard road as jamie needed a shirt for a wedding he had to attend the day after. somehow, despite being absolutely knackered, alex managed to get a psp while i went lingerie shopping for all of 20 minutes. tsk. can't leave this one alone! it was a good buy though, from what i heard. the 'ah beng' who sold alex the psp was trying every way possible to get money from us, we bargained but should have pressed on for more discounts, and finally he gave in but tried to shortchange us 10 bucks (the grand total discount amount he granted in the first place... how rude) but jamie was quick to point out the miscalculation. he didn't even look sheepish for making that mistake. felt like smacking him with my sandals.

as if we didn't do enough today, we went to bencoolen st for pratha and fried rice. jamie left us and we made our way to arab st where we smoked a hookah pipe at ambrosia cafe. i thought their belly dancer was crappy. alex couldn't see and i think he just wanted to recline against the cushions and wall and just chill. exhausted, but otherwise, an almost toooooo exciting day.

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Day 1: Arrival at Singapore and Orchard Road Jalan-jalan

alex has some jack fruit
alex was in toy heaven at takashimaya
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the flight was interesting. in flight entertainment systems crackled with the turbulence, i was served and interesting concoction passed on as tea but really tasted like a mixture of tea and coffee (alex and i have deemed this to be teaffee), and breakfast was an oily muffin. erk. but our arrival was good! jamie met us at the airport to wish us a warm welcome back home before we dropped him off at bedok south as he had busted his atm card. bless.

we got home and mom and i got to talking and could not stop. alex was slowly fading, the poor thing, so i showed him to his room and he was promptly asleep. we both got up around 10 and got our behinds out of the house by 12. first stop, far east plaza. chicken rice was devoured from the hainanese chicken rice store on the fourth floor, and the meal was capped off with $1 plastic bags of nangka from the fruit store downstairs. we then scoured the basement area before alex needed a caffeine hit (he wilts with time during shopping); coffee was ordered at the CBTL at scotts. and theeeeeennnnnnnn we headed to wisma via the underpass at tangs. things have changed man, i was thrown off by all these new stores and the closure of the link between taka and wisma. anyhooo, we finally got to taka and alex nearly fainted when he saw the toys at the main display floor. but we were disappointed that the toys were for little kiddies (as in soft toys and friggin baby clothes sets, eeek) so we then moved to paragon. but wait! alex was getting peckish and i was antsy from a lack of nicotine, so we stopped at old chang kee for curry puff, chicken and crab sticks. alex ate, i pecked and fagged. we people watched. it was a fine afternoon.

mind you all this while, i was stressed out trying to find a singtel shop (where are they!!!) and still could not find one. tsk. when we found a teleshop, which i suspect now is a singtel shop, we idiots forgot our passports so there was no chance of getting a local line. bah. toysrus was fun, i wanted to buy all the transformers but hid my enthusiasm (freak), but we did end up getting plasma dragons. we hatched them and built them. and no we're not a nerd couple leave us alone. dinner was mom's famous fish curry, i was in heaven. served up with tasty pickled veg, stir fried chinese cabbage and omlette (alex's favourite food is officially omlette). mom kept trying to feed us (to which i was like that's it! no more!), but it was alex who would partake in grapes, a persimmon and finally a red bean ice block.


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